The Orsus Team

Orsus was founded with a vision to provide the best end-to-end asset and property management. Our vision is inspired by a wide array of expertise and a passion for effective, efficient service.

Orsus can deliver our vision with our combined experience encompassing residential and commercial investment, development, and property management, plus talent in operations and customer service.

Dr. Charles Ashford, Jr.

Dr. Charles H. Ashford, Jr. brings more than 30 years of experience in real estate development, asset and property management. Dr. Ashford, a retired thoracic and vascular surgeon, has been responsible for the development and management of residential multi-family and commercial properties in New Bern, North Carolina.

Dr. Ashford has a background in medical and financial administration. Past positions include Vice President and President of Craven Regional Healthcare Center. Dr. Ashford was also a founding member of the Board of Directors of New East Bank and Chairman of the Board of Triangle Bancorp.

Dr. Ashford's primary focus in Orsus is to consistently maintain asset quality and value appreciation for our owner-clients and investors in the same way he has done for decades with family-owned property assets.

E Stewart Ashford

Stewart Ashford provides her experience of Customer Service Management, Process Management and Operation Management.

Stewart Ashford brings a background of roles including the management of a customer service team, the management of process guidelines, and the management of teams through the implementation of new solutions as well as client and process transitions. Her concentration will be on day-to-day operations and service aspects of Orsus.

Having implemented metrics and process guidelines and managed teams through the implementation of new solutions and client transitions, Stewart's concentration is on day-to-day operations including measurement, analysis, communication, and improvement opportunities throughout the operational and service aspects provided by Orsus.